IronGate finds No Mac Is An Island with help From Atria Networks

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This article by Dave Chappelle is taken from Info Executive. To view the original article click here.

December 20, 2010

IronGate Server Management and Consulting is an Ottawa-based company launched in 2004. It provides server, data backup, networking, and technical services for Mac-based businesses across Canada and around the world.

Customers include law firms… art, media, and video production houses… plus Mac-equipped “islands” within larger Windows/PC or other OS based firms. They range geographically from Singapore to the USA, and across Canada.

IronGate makes it possible for a PC-centric enterprise to have confidence in Mac components of its network. In 2009, IronGate was named one of Profit Magazine’s HOT 50 Emerging Growth Companies in Canada, for the second consecutive year.

An IronGate campaign exhibited at the annual MacWorld trade show in California centered on the concept of “No Mac Is An Island”.

“We work in a non-competitive, non threatening support partner role… an organization may have hundreds of PCs, and 30 Macs,” said IronGate Founder Sean Costello. “We deliver the same level of service to those Mac users as the primary contract holder offers to the masses – with no threat or risk of us taking that PC business.”

According to Mr Costello, the company’s success is the result of over 15 years focus on supporting the Apple Macintosh in professional IT environments.

The speed and reliability of service enabled the highest level of remote server data backup, data protection, disaster recovery, and business continuity.

Traditional DSL or cable modem service paled in comparison. Customers were telling Mr Costello that painfully slow upload speeds, bandwidth caps and limits, and lack of user control over their own networks plagued the slower cable modem or DSL services.

Atria patiently explained how to provision high-speed optical fibre networking.

“What really differentiated them from other providers was patience and communication. They’re always willing to educate us about what we might need, before signing an agreement. They always want me to understand, whether or not they get my business. They just keep coming back with helpful answers, timely responses, and competitive prices.”

In particular, the reliability of high-speed fibre services was a strong point. He found the high-speed fibre service suited the entire need spectrum of IronGate customers’ lines of business.

“For disaster recovery, we can now offer up to 100Mb TLS connections, with un-metered data backup. This encourages customers to feel free to continually back up their data.”

If there is any interruption or loss of data due to disk failure or other problem, the loss can be minimized to minutes rather than days worth of data. Restoration is much faster than with a tape backup and archiving system.

In one instance, IronGate very quickly and remotely restored 800MB of data to a customer traveling in Germany. That would have been much more difficult without the speed of the Atria connection. Mr Costello sees the goal as security of data and fast access when needed.

“We’re not really in the business of backing up data. We’re in the business of restoring. We start earning your business when you really need us.”

“IronGate is a testament to what can happen if you give a small, smart company bandwidth to grow,” said Atria Account Executive Ted Carty.

Mr Costello returns the positive sentiments. “I feel engaged and listened to.  Atria CEO John Piercy came and saw our business. He really listened and was interested in seeing what we could do for our customers with our product and Atria Networks’ services. Other telcos never called us back to tell us what they could do better.”

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