Customer Testimonials

“Dare Foods contracts with Atria Networks for networking and disaster recovery solutions. We achieve the fastest possible connection with the area’s most secure back-up and recovery site.”

“Our business depends on real-time information. Six years ago, we searched carefully for an absolutely reliable communications partner. We selected Atria Networks and they’ve delivered what they promised ever since.”

“Throughout the growth of Con Cast Pipe and its companies, the need for reliable data transport has become increasingly critical. Atria’s knowledge, support and services all contribute to the success of our operation.”

“In May 2005, we sought the services of a reliable and cost-effective broadband Internet company. Our decision proved to be a good one: we’ve had zero down-time ever since. We continue to have exceptional service with Atria Networks and would recommend their small business solutions to any organization.”

“With multiple performance-driven sites linked together, Royal LePage has an essential need for reliable bandwidth. Our choice of a high-bandwidth provider was critical. Atria Networks addresses all of our requirements, giving our reps the extra edge they need.”

“Until Atria came along, high speed to me was a T1 at some significant cost. With Enterprise Internet Services performance, both cost and physical, I know I have the high-speed tools I need to run my business efficiently and effectively. I would like to thank you and your entire team for the extremely professional job done. All of my expectations were met, except one…the quality of workmanship was way above anything I would have dreamed of!”

“Moving to the Enterprise Internet Service was the second best thing we did this year, the first best things was investing in large UPS.”

“We have absolutely no issues with our Atria service. We frequently transfer large files and our developers are constantly connected to external development sites. The speed and reliability have been excellent, and more than sufficient for our requirements. It’s just one less thing for us to worry about!”

“At ATS, our information needs are critical. Atria’s network allows us to inter-connect various sites at speeds far in excess of what we could get through the telcos, at a much better cost and with outstanding reliability.”

“Josslin Insurance Brokers is a small multiple office insurance brokerage. We needed a reliable service provider to help us meet our branch data and voice connectivity requirements. Atria not only listened to our needs, they helped implement a customized solution that exceeded our expectations. And when it comes to service…there is none better than Atria! On the only occasion that we experienced a connection interruption the Atria crew was there and worked until the problem was fixed (well into the night). THANKS for keeping our data moving.”

“We have been an Atria client for several years. The quality and speed of the service is second to none and the connection has not been down since we installed it. We recommend it to many of our clients as a high-performance, cost effective solution to their Internet and site-to-site connectivity needs.”

“The Atria connection is the Rolls Royce/ President’s Choice of Internet connections. Its greatest strength is its reliability, and it is also very fast. Being a software company we rely heavily on a fast and reliable connection to the Internet, downtime and disconnections cost us money and lose us sales. With Atria I have utmost confidence in our connection. I would recommend Atria to any company that requires anything better than basic Internet.”