Request a Static IP

How To Request IP Address Space From Atria Networks

1. Download the Atria Networks Static IP Request Form

2. Complete the form and return it to Atria Networks:

Fax: 519-570-2151


Canadian Regulations and Restrictions

As a responsible member of the Internet community, Atria must abide by the policies set forth by ICANN and ARIN in regard to address allocation to customers. The address space that is currently unassigned in IPv4 space (32-bit addressing) is becoming constricted, and measures to ensure the future viability of the Internet may cause conflicts with customer network planning unless responsible and efficient usage of subnet space is agreed upon between providers and their customer base.

In cooperation with our customers, we must plan to make the most efficient use of allocated network space so that we can continue to route traffic and obtain new network address space when it is requested. We encourage and support customers in the growth of their networks, and we will assign addresses to customers who genuinely require the address space for their networks. However, we must examine all requests for address space with care to validate the use of the IP numbers that are allocated. We will request customers to re-design their networks before routing new address space to them if we feel that the current range of addresses is sufficient for customer requirements.

All requests for a /20 or larger CIDR block are to be forwarded to ARIN. Atria is NOT able to grant any requests for a /20 or larger CIDR block as per the ARIN IP Allocation Guidelines for Internet Service Providers.

Atria receives a large number of applications for Internet address space. It normally takes 3-5 business days for Atria to review an application. Once approved, it may take 5 business days for you to receive the networks and to ensure all aspects of the request are completed. Please plan ahead so that we can accommodate your request before you need to implement your networks.

Atria follows the RFC2050 Guidelines for address allocation.
If you require less than a /20 CIDR block (4,096 Internet Addresses) please provide the mandatory information outlined in the request form above. Note: to ensure quick response time to the application, please provide all necessary information as requested.

To ensure quick response time to the application, please provide all necessary information as requested.